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Smart Pointer Altium receivers have been developed with the highest technology for radio tracking animals. Pointer receivers have been designed and adapted especially for falconry.

The Pointer Altium combines the traditional reception of signals radiotracking the reception of telemetry information from the height where our flying hawk. We want to keep our hawk and see the height of your flight in real time. The digital receiver Pointer Altium is a small size receiver, using new digital technologies to apply new systems assisted search indicating direction.

The sensitivity and precision in operation can be found on our transmitter signal in the right direction and a great distance. The combination of new technologies, together with the tradition and experience of many falconers, makes it a receiver of high quality and effectiveness.

Its color touch screen can show us a simple menu its working methods.

Manual System: for the more experienced. Great speed and accuracy in search.
Automatic System: with assistant search and indication of direction.
Smart System: with noise removal and search wizard indicating direction. High precision in the search.
Altium System (altimeter): displayed on different screens, the flight altitude, flight time, up and down trend, flight charts, etc ...

- Automatic Tuning channels.
- Smart system noise removal.
- Assisted system indication of direction.
- Unlimited system memories.
- Color touch screen for easy use.


Pointer Altium

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