Panter 600D PRO Receiver

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The Panter 600 PRO model is a digital receiver that works in the UHF band. Its large dynamic range of 100dB allows us to obtain high accuracy in the search process. This dynamic range will allow us to find an emitter with a margin of error lower than 1m (maximum precision).

This receiver is specially indicated for those people who want to work with different antennae in the same receiver. They can use an omnidirectional antenna (useful when we want to track while driving), a two elements directional antenna or those directional antennae with three or six elements. With this model and its exchangeable antennae, the user can obtain different gain values depending on the needs of each searching situation.

By default, it is served with 600 channels, corresponding to an operating margin from 430 MHz to 436 MHz. It has a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of approximately 10 hours which can become indefinite connecting the receiver to the car's cigarette lighter (feeder included). It is supplied with a video camera type bag, and the antenna and the handle can be folded. It has a headphone output.

The PT3 option makes possible an exclusive signal processing to redo the received signals and obtain them cleaner, stronger and longer. It also incorporates a luminous device, helpful for night searches.

Panter600D PRO

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  • Weight 1 Kg
  • Autonomy 10 hours


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