Panter 600D Falconry Receiver

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These receivers have been developed based in the latest technology in the field of animal radio tracking. Panter receivers are designed and especially adapted to the needs of wildlife and falconry professionals and amateurs. Their efficiency has been demonstrated by many falconers around the world.


Panter 600D is a digital receiver that joins analogic tradition and digital modernity based on the latest technology trends.  This is a highly sensitive receiver, capable to find an exact transmission signal from a long distance. All this features, make of this a very efficient receiver of high quality. Its reliability and its simple menu (displayed on a digital screen) make of this receiver an extremely uncomplicated device.

We can easily save the frequencies of our transmitters using the memory spots in the receiver, just by pressing a single control button. Afterwards, we will only need to select the desired memory spot, press the control button, get the transmitter frequency and receive its signal. Its usability and ease of use are great reasons to choose this receiver model.


The digital processing system (PT3) is a digital system that turns the received analogic signal into a clean and strong digital signal (audio). This mechanism was developed in order to satisfy falconers’ needs of getting stronger and cleaner signals when the receiving signals were low. When we switch on this dispositive, the accuracy of our receiver increases and we can distinguish a signal with an error of a few inches.


The receiver includes an illuminated led that lights up the display to the rhythm of the signal (very useful for nighttime searches).

RX600D Classic

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  • Height 12 cm
  • Width 15 cm
  • Length 19 cm
  • Weight 1 Kg
  • Autonomy 10 hours


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